What is impotence?


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Impotence or “Erectile Dysfunction” (ED) is a sexual dysfunction characterised by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis sufficient for sexual intercourse over a sustained period of time.”

Simply put, the main ED symptom is a soft penis, when you need it to be hard!

What causes impotence?

There are five types of causes:

Caused by excess estrogen and too little testosterone (T). T is most commonly reduced by fast food diets, alcohol, excessive weight, smoking and too little exercise. This problem gets worse as men age and naturally produce less T.

There are three types of psychological cause for impotence:

[list type=roman] [item]Anxiety (stress) caused by over-expectation[/item] [item]Boredom caused by the Coolidge Effect (natural lack of libido) and[/item] [item]Dopamine addiction, which is most commonly caused by excess use of internet pornography.[/item][/list] [tube]wSF82AwSDiU[/tube]
This is the most common cause of impotence. Poor circulation throughout the body results in the inability of the body to flood the penis with flood via a process called “vasodilation”.

The researchers, who identified the neurotransmitter Nitric Oxide (NO) responsible for vasodilation were awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1998. NO was also named Molecule of the Year in 1992. Their work led directly to the development of the famous blue prescription pills for male impotence.

Impotence may be an early warning sign of potentially dangerous cardiovascular disease and should therefore be professionally diagnosed and treated.

Leakages in the cavernous (spongy) body can damage the smooth muscles and its nerves.
Certain anti-depressants, beta-blockers and anticonvulsants (antiepileptic drugs) can adversely affect erectile function.


How is impotence treated?


natural foods help boost NO levels naturally

Seafood is high in Arginine, which helps to boost potency naturally

The first and most effective impotence treatment is self-help (internal): men should eat clean, unprocessed foods and exercise and sleep as much as they can. Quality sleep is important, because testosterone gets released during sleep. Therefore, a reduction of alcohol consumption will help, because sleep improves, when the body does not have to break down alcohol.

Abstinence from internet pornography is also important. Initial research shown that young men, who have used internet porn for several years will also need several years to recover from the addiction and its subsequent negative effects on the erectile system. See Psychological Causes above.


There are two main types of (external) impotence cures, which can help men overcome potency problems.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs like the famous blue pill treat the impotence symptom (soft penis) without treating the cause. They temporarily enable men to have an erection for a few hours (by helping the body trap blood in the penis). However, they does not treat the underlying cause of what caused the impotence in the first place.

Natural Nitric Oxide Boosters


The amino acid Arginine combined with pine bark extract successfully treats 92% of impotence patients

Nitric Oxide Boosters are a more sustainable impotence cure, because they treat the most common underlying cause of impotence, poor circulation, naturally and without side effects.

A scientifically proven mix of impotence vitamins combined with the amino acid Arginine and pine bark extract has been shown to relieve 92% of erection problems in these scientific, peer-reviewed studies1.


How Nitric-Oxide (NO) treats impotence?

Arginine is used in the body to produce the neutransmitter Nitric Oxide (NO). NO signals the body, when and where it needs to increase blood flow – including in the penis, when it needs to become erect2.

The research team documenting this mechanism received the Nobel Prize in 1998, after Nitric Oxide was already named the Molecule of the Year in 1992. Adding arginine and pine bark extract to the male diet therefore will boost his NO levels and enable him to have a naturally stronger erection, without side effects

What is the best impotence product to boost Nitric Oxide?

There are several combination supplements on the market, which have no side-effects and can treat impotence in this way. The best ones also include various additional “male health” vitamins, amino acids and minerals.




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