Heathy hair with amino acids

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Glamorous hair and clear skin are attractive and are often the desire of many women and men. Since not everyone is naturally blessed with these characteristics, products have come on the market to help people achieve the look they desire.

In certain cases in which the skin and hair are suffering from diseases/disorders such as psoriasis or hair loss, special measures must be taken.

You will learn


  • The basic function and anatomy of human skin
  • The basic function and anatomy of human hair
  • Which nutrients are most effective in improving their appearance



In addition to conventional products such as shampoos, nutritional creams and washes are available to make a significant contribution to healthy hair and healthy skin.

Healthy skin with amino acids

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Since many nutrients, especially amino acids are needed in the body’s own processes for healthy skin and hair structure; an additional administration of appropriate supplements can enhance the effects and can even lead to a fairer complexion and a full head of hair. Several studies have already demonstrated that natural nutrients such as vitamins and minerals and amino acids  significantly impact the health and appearance of skin and hair. This is why they are being increasingly used as beauty enhancers.

Nutrients can also be used for therapeutic purposes – it is possible to fight diseases such as inflammation or psoriasis with the help of certain dietary supplements.

Find out more about skin and hair

Structure of the skin

3D image of skin and hair

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The human skin (dermis) is a highly versatile organ and serves primarily as the boundary between the interior of the body and the environment surrounding it. It also offers protection from harmful environmental factors and helps to preserve the internal equilibrium (homeostasis).

Basically, there are three clearly identifiable layers:

  • Epidermis (outer skin)
  • Subcutaneous (under the skin)
  • Dermis (corium) and

Internal body temperature (core temperature) is controlled through several processes, including the combined actions of sweat production and the rate of blood flowing through the network of blood vessels within the skin. In cold conditions, skin blood flow drops very low – retaining heat in the centre of the body and preserving the flow of warm blood to the vital organs within the chest and abdomen and to the brain.

Hair loss due to alopezia

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Skin and the fat layer beneath it also act as good insulators. When in a hot environment, or when generating heat from muscle activity, skin vessels open up – potentially increasing skin blood flow to as much as a third of the total output of blood from the heart

The Physical toughness of the skin prevents the ingress of harmful chemicals and invading organisms, such as bacteria and viruses. It also provides resistance to shocks for the more sensitive tissues underneath. At the same time, skin needs to be supple and be able to stretch to accommodate movement. The extensive network of nerves, within the skin, feeds information constantly to the brain concerning our surroundings. On the one hand we are warned of harmful extremes of temperature or of other dangers – while on the other, touch can be one of the most powerfully soothing and pleasurable of sensations.


Function and structure of hair

Hair can protect against damaging environmental influences such as sunlight or extreme heat. Hair consists largely of keratin and is made of three layers:

  • Cuticle,
  • Cortex and
  • Medulla.
anatomy of a human hair

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In the outermost layer there are mainly flat, keratinized cells which are arranged similar to a Tanna pin. Lies close to the cuticle on the hair, the hair appear shiny and healthy, cause while projecting horn cells known as split ends.

Approximately 80% of all cells contained in the hair are located in the cortex, so that tensile strength and elasticity is possible. Overall, solid, strong hair is a sign of the health of the wearer, as existing diseases/disorders usually have an impact on the appearance of hair. Powerful luster and uniform structure is usually a sign of well-being. Per day a person loses about 60 to 100 hairs, which are constantly being replaced.

However if increased hair loss occurs in certain places, such as through genetic  androgenic alopecia, it should be treated either with supplements or medication.

Dietary supplements for healthy skin and hair

Diagram of the Human Skin

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Problems with the skin or hair (such as redness, lumps or balding) are often very visible making life potentially embarrassing and uncomfortable for sufferers

To combat such problems effectively, dietary supplements can be used.  Dietary supplements help support the function and appearance of skin and hair in a natural way; which leads to more attractive appearance

Also problems such as

  • Hair loss,
  • Acne and
  • Psoriasis

can be dealt efficiently with nutrients, nutrients are much more healthier than traditional medications.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is now known as an effective means against signs of aging, since it supports the natural regeneration of the skin, thus preventing wrinkles. An American study found that regular intake of vitamin D-containing supplements can prevent skin damage, hyper pigmentation, wrinkles, and dilated blood vessels (telangiectasia). The researchers looked at women aged 40 to over 45 years and demonstrated that the intake of vitamin D with the longer preservation of the youthfulness of the skin associated and may delay typical signs of age.1


zinc supplement

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Zinc helps to fight the skin problems that usually plague the younger generations. Zinc is anti-inflammatory so can be used as treatment for acne. The mineral regulates the production of sebum and which ultimately reduces the formation of pimples.2. Vitamin B6 can also help against unsightly pimples and pustules, as it compensates for fluctuations in hormone levels. 3


Essential amino acid lysine works particularly well for partial and advanced baldness. L-lysine positively affects the synthesis of collagen which increases the strength of the hair. Furthermore, lysine improves the repair mechanisms of the hair, which can significantly reduce daily hair loss .4

Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps to improve the health of hair and scalp, as it encourages the circulation and at the same time reduces the formation of dandruff. With a sufficient supplementation impressive results can be achieved in less than four weeks.5


L-carnitine supports fat metabolism. Healthy firm skin looks good only on taut muscle tissue, when it’s on fat tissue it has a saggy appearance. L-carnitine therefore makes skin look healthier, because it helps improve fat burning.


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An even complexion and shiny, full hair indicates a healthy body, and a body supplied with a lot of nutrients. Therefore, it is advisable for skin problems and / or hair loss or similar conditions to take nutritional supplements, as these can eliminate possible deficiencies and also support the beauty of skin and hair.

In orthomolecular medicine vitamins and amino acids  are suitable, easy and safe treatment of many skin and hair problems; especially acne, wrinkles, and hair loss.


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