Pine Bark Extract and Arginine highly effective in treating erectile dysfunction

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According to several studies, pine bark extract from the French Maritime Bark is an effective natural treatment for erectile dysfunction.This plant extract also protects blood vessels against inflammation. There are plenty of options when it comes to natural aphrodisiacs.
Many substances from ‘horny goat weed’ to ‘Royal jelly’ claim to be the answer to sexual potency. However, when placed under serious scientific scrutiny, these natural sexual enhancers have been proven ineffective. The only two exceptions are the amino acid L-arginine and pine park extract. Both of these natural substances are backed by strong scientific evidence.

Functions of Pine Bark Extract

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Pine bark extract promotes the absorption of nitrogen into the bloodstream. It also includes powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. These characteristics promote good cardiovascular health.

Pine bark extract protects against cardiovascular disease and lowers blood pressure. With research continuing into this plant extract, it’s expected that more positive health benefits will be uncovered.

The effects of pine bark extract were first documented by French sailors in western Canada. The natives used pine bark to treat the sailor’s scurvy and nurse them back to good health.

Since the 1970s, scientists have been researching the properties of pine bark extract. It was noted that many couples reported improvements in libido and sexual function as a result of taking pine bark extract.

Pine Bark Extract & Erectile Dysfunction

There have been many studies investigating the effects of pine bark extract for treating erectile dysfunction. The results clearly indicate that this plant extract can play an important role in restoring healthy sexual function.

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A study published in 2003 investigated the effects of pine bark extract on men with erectile dysfunction over a period of three months1. Conducted at a Bulgarian fertility clinic in Sofia, the cohort study involved 40 men aged 25 to 45. Each day the men took three vials containing the amino acid L-arginine and aspartic acid dipeptide. In a dipeptide, the amino acids are fixed to each other to make it easier for the body to absorb. The L-arginine content in the daily dose corresponded to 1,700 milligrams (mg).

In the second month of the study participants were also supplied twice daily with 40 milligrams of pine bark extract. The patented extract Pycnogenol was used.

This is extracted naturally from the bark of the Mediterranean pine. In the third month the daily dose of pine bark extract was increased. A further allocation of 40 milligrams was taken. This made the daily total 120 milligrams.

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Earlier studies had already shown that the combination of pine bark extract and L- arginine may resolve erectile dysfunction in 70 to 90 percent of affected men. The Bulgarian researchers hoped that their study would reaffirm previous observations.

In a questionnaire, the participants were regularly asked about their sexual functioning. The sole application of the amino acid dipeptide brought no significant results. After the first month, only two subjects reported the recovery of a normal erection.

However, the success rate dramatically increased after the introduction of pine bark extract. After the second month, 80 percent of men were able to regain their ability to have erections. After the third month, this figure increased to 92.5 percent. There were no reported side effects in any of the participants.


How Pine Bark Extract Supports Healthy Sexual Function

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Pine bark extract supports the formation of nitrogen in the endothelial cells. These cells are located within the inner blood vessel walls. This leads to an increase in blood flow and dilation of the blood vessels. This acts to lower blood pressure, having a positive effect on cardiovascular health. In addition, it also plays an important role in the formation of erections. It’s the dilated vessels of the blood within the penis that causes the hardening.

In addition to poor blood circulation, there’s a strong correlation between erectile dysfunction and inflammation. The ability of pine bark extract to enhance blood circulation and reduce inflammation has been demonstrated in several studies. Resolving these problems helps to better support erectile function.

In a study at the Hiroshima University in Japan, researchers found that 180 milligrams of pine bark extract together with L-arginine increased vasodilation by 42 percent2.

pp300x250_1Another study at the Bavarian JuliusMaximilians-University in Bavaria demonstrated how quickly pine back could reduce inflammation. In just five days, markers for inflammatory responses were significantly reduced following a daily intake of 200 milligram pine bark extract3.

At the same university, a follow-up study found that pine bark extract also inhibits COX-1 and COX-2 (forms of the enzyme cyclooxygenase)4. Pharmaceutical drugs such ibuprofen and aspirin work by inhibiting COX. Thus, pine bark extract offers a natural form of relief from pain and inflammation.


The Importance of Combining L-arginine & Pine Bark Extract

Inflammatory processes increase the body’s demand on L-arginine and can impact blood pressure.

In turn, this can lead to erectile dysfunction since L-arginine helps to relax the arteries and improve blood flow.

By combining L-arginine and pine bark extract, it is easier to treat erectile dysfunction.

Together, these substances support healthy sexual function naturally and without adverse side effects.


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