L-Carnitine can substantially improve the processing of sugar and can help to regulate blood sugar levels

L-Carnitine, which is important for burning fat and transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria (cellular power centres), has a positive effect on the regulation of blood sugar levels and can therefore support those suffering from diabetes naturally in the daily management of their blood sugar levels.

In a study published in the periodical “Amino Acids”, a team under Dr. Galloway investigated the effects of the ingestion of 3,000 mg of L-Carnitine on the blood sugar levels of thirty participants. The participants received either L-Carnitine or a placebo over a period of 14 days.

The ingestion of the L-Carnitine or the placebo occurred at mealtimes. A glucose tolerance test was then carried out on the participants; 75 grams of glucose were administered. Thirty minutes later, their blood sugar levels were measured. Those who had been given the L-Carnitine had significantly lower blood sugar levels than those who had taken the placebo.

L-carnitine reduces blood sugar responseL-Carnitine appears, therefore, to substantially improve the processing of sugar and can help to regulate blood sugar levels. This provides hope for the millions of diabetics, who must normally rely only on the administration of insulin to treat their diabetes mellitus.

The study suggests that blood sugar levels could be positively influenced to the extent that the need for insulin can be reduced, or even completely eliminated in milder cases of diabetes.

The study was conducted using L-Carnitine from Lonza, which is unanimously considered to be the highest quality of organically fermented L-Carnitine (Canipure®).

Study: S.D.R.. Galloway et al.; “Effects of oral L-Carnitine supplementation on insulin sensitivity indices in response to glucose feeding in lean and overweight / obese males”; Amino Acids, Vol. 41, Number 2, 507-515.