Cysteine: Fight Hair Loss with this Powerful Weapon

A full head of healthy hair is one of the main characteristics of attractiveness and provides just as much radiance and esteem as a fancy dress or a stunning and debonaire suit. While the bald man is still considered to be sexy and attractive in many instances, it is critical for women to boast a shiny and healthy head of hair to maintain their appearance.

hair loss is very common but can be reduced with the right nutrientsIt is an unfortunate fact that approximately eighty-five per cent of men and thirty-eight per cent of women will suffer from thinning hair during their lifetime. There are times when this will occur naturally, however there are also some underlying factors that will contribute to this decidedly unenviable condition.

Improper diet, mineral deficiencies and genetics will all play key roles in the development of thinning hair as one ages. Disease and even stress will likewise cause hair to become thin over time. However, there are indeed ways to combat thinning hair without having to take refuge under a hat or an ill-fitting hairpiece. Thankfully, an increased understanding of alternative treatment options has allowed all-natural supplementation to offer truly powerful and reliable results.


An Effective Boost for Healthy Hair Growth

Recent studies have shown that Priorin1 by BAYER is quite successful when used as a supplement for several months. This substance is actually a proprietary blend of millet seed extract, L-cysteine and pantothenic acid.

Priorin womanThese are all completely natural ingredients that will cause no unpleasant side effects. Millet seed extract contains chemicals known as silica and silicon2; these are both vital ingredients to maintain healthy hair.

Indeed, silica is a constituent of keratin itself (a primary component of the structure of hair). L-cysteine will work in synergy with millet seed as a keratin-boosting compound, as it contains the important element sulfur.

Keratin is also to be found in the skin and nails. When combined with B vitamins that promote energy, nutrient transportation and are powerful antioxidants, all of these substances have been proven to promote healthy hair. For reliability, this double-blind study was carried out with both a Priorin and a placebo test group.

The results could not be more clear. After three months of supplementation, up to an impressive eighty-five percent of hair growth was achieved in the group regularly taking Priorin when compared to the placebo group. This is considered to be a normal growth rate for those with no thinning hair whatsoever.

In Peace Lies Strength

It should be recognised that it is a natural biological function to lose hairs throughout one’s life.

Generally, these are but a handful a day. Should you note that you are losing more than (approximately) one hundred every day, you should immediately consider taking Priorin or a similar supplement.

This will help to avoid the risks of your hair becoming permanently thin. However, it is important to recall that this treatment is all natural. Therefore, results will take a bit of time. As a general rule of thumb, a dead hair will normally take between two and three months to completely fall out. Due to this fact, it is important to remain patient and take this supplement between three and four months to see viable and noticeable results.

Achieve a Full Head of Hair Without Unpleasant Side Effects!

It should be recognised that artificial treatments, pills and topical medications will normally be taken with the risk of several unpleasant side effects. These can include (but are not necessarily limited to) changes in the structure of the hair, a skin rash, unusual weight gain and even impotence. Furthermore, chemical treatments may not be recommended if the individual has certain medical conditions or is currently taking other medications. Thankfully, these effects are no longer an issue should one choose to take Priorin.

amitamin hair plus is effective and has no side effects

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In fact, Priorin is very similar compared to another treatment option known as amitamin Hair Plus. Hair Plus contains an additional amount of all-natural ingredients including yeast, biotin (another important component for the hair, skin and nails), and numerous vitamins that are designed to mitigate and reverse the effects of thinning hair and hair loss.

Thus, BAYER’s Priorin and amitamin’s Hair Plus are excellent alternatives for those who wish to combat thinning hair but desire to do so utilising a safe treatment option that is free from the aforementioned unpleasant side effects.


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