Amino acids can restore virilityAmino acids enhance effect of PDE5 inhibitors

It’s well-known throughout the medical literature that there’s a strong correlation between diabetes and erectile dysfunction. This is partly because the nerves and blood vessels needed to control an erection can be damaged due to diabetes. This makes it difficult to achieve an erection, as well as sustain an erection. Subsequently, research has been underway to find a treatment to improve erectile function for men suffering from diabetes. A study conducted at the Italian Sapienza University in Rome identified certain amino acids and vitamins as being particularly beneficial.

Published in 2009, the research lead by Dr. Gentile1 involved forty men with diabetes and erectile dysfunction. The test subjects were studied over a period of three months to determine the effects of a prescription PDE5 inhibitor, in combination with two amino acids and vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid). The two amino acids of interest included L-arginine and proprionyl-L-carnitine.The subjects were divided into four groups and received different doses of the amino acid-vitamin combination. One group took a placebo for comparison. The subjects did not know what they are taking. After 12 weeks of taking the amino acid-vitamin mixture, the test subjects were interviewed and the international index of erectile function (IIEF) standardised test was conducted.

The results were conclusive. Those diabetics who took the placebo reported no change in erectile dysfunction. However, the stronger and more regular the intake of amino acid combination, the more improved the erectile function.

Despite the small test sample size, the results clearly support the use of L-arginine, L-carnitine and niacin supplementation in treating erectile problems. This supplementation has been further supported by a recent study published in 2012. Also conducted at the Italian Sapienza University, this clinical trial lead by Dr. Gianfrilli 2 investigated the use of these amino acids and niacin on a random sample of men with low IIEF scores. After three months of supplementation, forty percent of the study participants experienced a noticeable improvement in erectile function, while seventy-seven percent had a partial improvement.

These results suggest that regardless of whether or not the patient has diabetes, erectile dysfunction can be improved with the assistance of L-arginine, L-carnitine and niacin. These compounds help to support vascular flexibility, making it easier to achieve erections. Also, since L-carnitine and L-arginine are well-known for improving insulin sensitivity, these amino acids can also support the regulation of blood sugar. This is great news for diabetics and other men struggling with erectile dysfunction.

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