Study Shows Whey Protein Is Effective In Weight Loss and Management

Male weight lossThere are many diets that are claimed to produce reliable results. In fact, you may have even tried a few of these yourself.

One of the challenges has always been reducing levels of fat without sacrificing lean muscle mass. This method was actually popularised by the famous Atkins Diet of the 1980s and 1990s.

However, results were mixed (he promoted eating all types of protein; some containing high amounts of saturated fat). During the past decade, many have observed that replacing certain unhealthy calories with whey protein produced great results. Research studies have backed up this claim.

Why is whey protein an effective weight management supplement?

Whey Protein and Weight Loss: Increasing Your Metabolism

One of the lesser-known facts of a diet high in whey protein is that your metabolism will increase. This arises from the presence of certain amino acids such as leucine which help to boost a sluggish metabolic rate.

In fact, some studies have shown that a breakfast high in protein can boost a metabolism by up to 30 per cent for as many as 12 hours (1). This has helped to dispel the myth that protein will make you feel tired and run down.

Less Fluid Retention

Diets high in protein help to increase a substance within the blood known as albumin. Albumin collects excess water from the cells and connective tissues.

In other words, it acts as a natural diuretic. This accomplishes two goals. First, you will hold less water and feel less bloated. Secondly, less water retention will help your body to absorb more nutrients from the foods that you eat1.

Boosting Energy

Amino acids can be found in nuts and meatOne of the tricky parts of any diet is to overcome feelings of fatigue. This condition can lead to many abandoning their plans and returning to their previous lifestyle.
Diets high in whey protein force the body to break down complex amino acids into their smaller components for absorption. This process releases vast amounts of energy that can be used to perform everyday activities or to push yourself at the gym and jog that extra kilometer.

Protein is one of the best fuels for the body.


Decreasing Appetite

High amounts of whey protein will likewise stave off those pesky hunger pains. Hunger can be a difficult opponent to beat during any diet and much like a lack of energy, it can be a primary reason why someone abandons their goals. By helping you to feel fuller for longer, you will be less tempted to reach for that midday snack.



Top 7 Whey Proteins ComparedWhile whey protein can be found in many foods, it is common to take a supplement shake or a meal replacement bar. This is highly recommended for a number of reasons.

Modern shakes are quite tasty and most will contain no sugar or empty calories whatsoever. Also, you are receiving a full amino acid profile; vital in helping your muscles to maintain their mass.

Vitamins and minerals are plentiful. We should also note that there will normally be impressive amounts of fibre within these supplements.

Fibre is another component which helps you to feel full while providing your body with a valuable source of energy. So, it is clear to see that whey protein and weight loss are indeed a great combination.

A clinical study comparing two weight training groups with and without supplementing whey protein indicated a statistically significant increase in Lean Body Mass in the group, which took extra Whey protein. The researchers concluded the current body of literature supports the use of whey protein, either as a supplement combined with resistance exercise or as part of a weight loss or weight maintenance diet, to improve body composition parameters2

As your body will be receiving everything that it needs and nothing that it does not, such an option is also one of the healthiest approaches to take.




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