Research into sleeping pills using amino acids by Japanese company Ajinomoto has resulted in a new supplement called Glysom™ to help individuals combat sleeping disorders. Ajinomoto specializes in researching safe nutraceutical applications for pharmaceutical grade amino acids. Their research has lead to the identification of glycine as an important amino acid involved in regulating sleeping cycles.

Naturally found in high concentration within beans, fish and meat, glycine is the smallest of the 20 common amino acids that are associated with proteins.

Glycine helps you sleep well

Ajinomoto examined the effects of glycine supplementation on patients with varying degrees of insomnia. During the studies, men were given 3g of glycine within an hour of going to bed, while the control group received a placebo. Those patients given glycine displayed patterns of brainwaves associated with non-REM sleep faster and slept for longer periods uninterrupted compared with the control group.

Within the UK there are more than 15 million prescriptions filled annually for sleeping pills. Thus, there is a large demand for products that will assist with sleep. However, chemical-based treatments present a number of unwanted side effects. Natural alternatives such as Glysom™ are preferred. This natural sleep aid produces fewer side effects and enables people to get a better night’s sleep without the follow-up lethargy associated with other sleeping pills.

Glysom™ can be added to the growing list of natural alternatives to sleeping pills. Other popular options are melatonin-rich milks, camomile tea and green tea. With ongoing research into natural sleeping aids, no doubt more products will be available in the not so distant future.